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What's New


bullet10/29/02 -- Within the past month, an older version of Computer Aided Resonator Design (CARD) was inadvertently posted. The correct version (9.00, a major upgrade) has now been posted for downloading.
bullet10/02 -- The following pages show actual animated vibrations of various ultrasonic resonators:
bulletBar horns
bulletBlock horns
bulletSpool horns
bulletSlotted cylindrical horns
bulletRigid mount boosters
bullet6/20/02 -- Computer Aided Resonator Design (CARD) version 9.00 has been released. This is a major upgrade with many enhanced features.
bullet6/15/02 -- A new page shows a sectioned view of a typical ultrasonic medical device.
bullet6/10/02 -- A new page shows typical ultrasonic industrial resonators, including horns, boosters, and transducers.


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