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Krell Engineering consults in the design of custom ultrasonic resonators (ultrasonic horns / sonotrodes / probes, boosters, transducers / converters) for frequencies between 10 kHz and 100 kHz. These resonators are used for industrial and medical applications.

Industrial resonators

Industrial resonators

Medical resonators

Medical resonator

Resonators for welding plastics and nonferrous metals, cutting, abrasive machining of hard materials, fatigue testing, atomization, defoaming, cleaning, liquid processing, sonochemistry (enhancement of chemical reactions), deagglomeration, etc. Devices for cutting, disintegrating, cauterizing, scraping, cavitating, dental descaling, etc.

The resonators are designed using finite element analysis (FEA) simulation software. This assures that the resonators will meet the performance requirements:

bulletCorrect frequency and vibration mode (while avoiding undesirable modes)
bulletProper vibrational amplitude on the input and output surfaces
bulletMinimum vibrational amplitude on the mounting surfaces
bulletLow ultrasonic stress for increased fatigue life

In addition to design services, Krell Engineering can also provide complete machining and frequency tuning.

Krell Engineering also provides Computer Aided Resonator Design (CARD) software which facilitates the design of ultrasonic resonators.

Partner sites

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