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You can download the CARD demonstration version from this page.


The CARD demo is the same as the standard version of CARD (currently version 9.00) except:

  1. The following functions have been disabled:
    a. Saving the resonator design file or modified CARD defaults
    b. Printing the resonator dimensions, materials, or results
  2. A diskette drive is not required for installing CARD.
  3. A copy protection diskette or key is not required.
  4. Only an abbreviated CARD manual is available, which is included in the download.

Before downloading

Before downloading you may want to check on the following.

bulletRequired equipment -- generally, most PCs (not Apple) will meet the requirements.
bulletGeneral CARD information -- also includes a description of the required equipment.
bulletFrequently asked questions

Download procedure

To download the CARD demo (CARDzip.exe, approximately 1 MB) and read the Quick-Start manual:

  1. Create a directory (folder) on your hard drive that will contain the downloaded file. The directory name is not important since it is a temporary directory that is only used for installation. Suggested name: "CARDdemo".
  2. Download CARDzip.exe (below). When a dialog box appears, make sure that "Save this program to disk" is indicated (this should be the default). Then click OK and download to the  directory of step 1. When the download is complete, close the download dialog box.
  3. After CARDzip.exe has downloaded, run it to extract (unzip) all of the enclosed files. Note: this does not install CARD; it only extracts the required files.
  4. Type "CARDinfo" to read/print the quick-start manual. This manual gives information on installation, starting and exiting, help, an example horn tutorial, a list of example horns, support, upgrading, and other matters. You may wish to preview the installation procedure before downloading.

Begin download of CARD demo. This will take about 10 minutes with a 28.8 modem.


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