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Donald R. Culp, Owner

Ultrasonic background

Owner, Krell Engineering (1985 - present)

bulletDesign and optimization of ultrasonic resonators (horns, boosters, transducers) using finite element analysis. Design parameters include static, dynamic, and thermal stress, power loss, resonant frequency separation, input and output amplitude uniformity, materials specifications, and manufacturability.
bulletComputer Aided Resonator Design (CARD) software.

Senior Research Engineer (1980 - 1985)
Acoustics Research Group
Branson Sonic Power Company

bulletDevelopment of advanced ultrasonic resonators, including solid-mount boosters and transducers. Optimum designs were achieved through finite element analysis and empirical testing.
bulletDevelopment of materials with improved fatigue strength for use in ultrasonic resonators.

Chief Ultrasonic Engineer (1978 - 1979)
Energy and Minerals Research Company
(Private and government research in ultrasonics)

bulletDirected the ultrasonic research laboratory for this start-up company. Research projects included ultrasonic apparatus to determine integrity of coal mine roof rock and roof bolts, and ultrasonic coal grinding for use in coal-oil mixtures. Two patents were awarded.

Research Engineer (1972 - 1977)
Research and Development
Branson Sonic Power Company

bulletDevelopment of equipment for ultrasonic metal welding, resulting in two patents.
bulletResearch of advanced projects, including ultrasonic drying of fabrics, metal pickling, wave soldering, wire cleaning, and particle de-agglomeration.
bulletSupport of customers for advanced applications.


bulletUltrasonic Industry Association (UIA) 
bulletUltrasonic and Acoustic Transducer Group (UATG) 


Master of Science in Management of Engineering, 1985
     University of Bridgeport

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1972
     West Virginia University
     Thesis: "Metal Deformation with Ultrasound"

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1970
     West Virginia University


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